Money Insurance

Money Insurance Cover is not usually arranged separately from other business insurances, and is often included in Package Insurances, and can be added to larger more complex business risks an expert account manager will be able to advise. Almost all businesses handle money in some form cash, cheques, credit card slips and bankers’ drafts, making this form of insurance essential for businesses large and small. A Money Insurance Policy covers loss of business money on business premises, or when carried by the insured or other employees, and personal accident cover is also included for those carrying money. It will even cover a small amount of cash at the home of directors or employees, both in and after business hours.


If you’re interested in Insuring your money, or have any questions about what we can provide, get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Why you should consider it:

  • Essential protection of financial assets
  • Protection for employees and others who transport monies
  • Peace of mind security, minimising disruption to your business
  • May cover exclusions from other fire insurance policies
Close-up Of Businessman Protect Stack Of Coins For Business