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We can provide any insurance package to any commercial client. We can accommodate for all your commercial insurance needs. See our specialisms page for more information.

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Britannia Consultants Services is a people-focused organisation driven by a passion for delivering value, service and quality to our customers. No matter what cover you require, we can accommodate all your commercial insurance needs.

Commercial Combined Insurance

Britannia Consultants Services Combined Insurance provides a tailored insurance solution to meet your business insurance needs in a single policy. Our covers have been designed to cater for Manufacturers, Engineers and Wholesalers, providing a cost-effective way to protect a range of potential risks that could befall your business.
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Motor Fleets insurance

We are proud to offer a total solution to cover all aspects of fleet Insurance. Whether you need business car insurance, commercial fleet insurance, HGV fleet insurance or even cover for a mixed fleet, we can provide you with cost-effective, comprehensive cover.

Commerical Combined Insurance

Combined commercial insurance provides comprehensive business cover in a single policy.  

Motor Fleets Insurance

Britannia can arrange a comprehensive UK fleet insurance policy to keep all your company vehicles protected.

Travel Insurance

Our Travel Insurance can be tailored to your specific needs when you travel. Whether its a business trip or expensive equipment, we can provide you with cover.

Mid/High Net Worth House Insurance

Combined commercial insurance provides comprehensive business cover in a single policy.  

Employers Liability Insurance

Most employers are required by the law to insure against liability for injury or disease to their employees arising out of their employment.  

Directors & Officers Insurance

Providing protection for all Directors and Officers of the Company from the chairman to the most junior officer.

Specialisms & Expertise

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