Directors and Officers Insurance

Providing protection for all Directors and Officers of the Company from the chairman to the most junior officer. Cover also available for Clubs and Societies and Residents Associations. The Companies Act 1985 alone, contains over 200 separate offences whereby a Director can be held vicariously liable. The “Wrongful Trading” aspect of the Insolvency Act 1986 and the wide ranging powers of Liquidators is particularly important. Company Directors should consider the risks of being exposed to unlimited Personal liability. One solution is to be covered by a Directors and Officers Liability Policy, something regarded as essential and a pre-requisite of Directorship in many overseas countries. Previous doubts about whether a company was precluded from purchasing this type of cover have been dispelled by the Companies Act 1989, which clearly permits companies to pay the premiums of insuring the liability of their Directors and Officers.


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Key Covers

  • D&O covers mismanagement of a company’s affairs
  • D&O covers individuals running a company in a “managerial capacity”